What is RED-S? Why does it matter? Who are we?

What is Project RED-S?

Project RED-S is a collaborative initiative formed by a group of athletes, parents and partners who's lives had been impacted by the condition. Having previously struggled to find the right information and support, we identified a pressing need for a resource aiming to do just that.

Our mission is threefold:

AWARENESS: We want every athlete, coach, parent, partner, teacher, teammate, official, medical expert, psychologist and regular exerciser to know what RED-S is, what it stands for and to connect this condition with its early warning signs (fatigue, injuries, menstrual dysfunction etc).

To continuously grow a community of athletes, medical specialists, coaches and supporters coming together to share information, ideas and experiences about how we can all play our part in prevention.

RECOVERY: To signpost athletes, coaches and other members of their support team to the right medical, nutritional and psychological support for those already struggling.

We invite you to use us, join us and share our content to help us change the game!