The Athlete Health Survey

Without wanting to depress you, sports research is uncovering some increasingly scary statistics when it comes to athlete health. The estimated risk of RED-S ranges from 40% among Olympians, to 58% among athletes from a diverse range of activities. As many as 60% of female and 30% of male high school cross country runners aren’t eating enough, and perhaps most terrifyingly of all, 64% of schoolgirls enjoying sport today won’t be participating by their mid-teens. Scary stuff. 

Numbers help grab people's attention, but we still haven’t scratched the surface when it comes to quantifying the scale of RED-S within the sports community. To help us garner understanding and experiences of RED-S (and other athlete health issues) among our peers, we've teamed up with Kyniska Advocacy who are equally passionate about enhancing athlete safety and health. 

Our carefully constructed Athlete Health Survey aims to understand athletes’ experiences and perceptions of topics such as body image, menstrual cycles, and RED-S. We'll be sifting through the data we've collected soon, so watch this place for some more educational materials, social media campaigns, and a full follow-up report to follow.