6 simple tips for REDs prevention or recovery

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6 simple tips for REDs prevention or recovery

  1. Food first: Fueling as an active individual can feel like a full-time job, but your energy balance depends on it. Plan pre- and post-session snacks, avoid fasted training, and prioritise balanced, nutrient-dense, and enjoyable meals rich in carbs, protein and fats. Don't start the journey without fuel in the tank.

  2. Work smarter, not harder: Tailor your training to balance intensity and recovery. Avoid excessive exercise which can deplete your energy reserves and disrupt your hormone balance. Pay attention to signs of fatigue, changes in menstrual cycles, or morning erections, and don’t succumb to the “more = more” mentality.

  3. Beware hidden extras: Energy can be drained by more than just training, including school, work, and relationships. Try to balance these out with recovery (sleep, nutrition, and downtime) and be aware of hidden extras (like travel, walking, and standing), which all "count" as activities too.

  4. Stay in your lane: We all experience pressure to look, eat, and train a certain way, but no one knows your body like you do. Gather nutrition and training advice from credible, science-backed resources, and try unfollowing social media accounts that don't enhance your life.

  5. Build your team: Surround yourself with coaches, healthcare professionals, and training partners who elevate your energy and believe in balance. If something starts to feel off, never wait to seek support from certified nutrition experts, psychologists, or doctors specialising in REDs.

  6. Monitor progress: Consider keeping a journal to track energy levels, sleep patterns, and training loads. Regular monitoring can help identify patterns and cause you to reflect on your own motivations for activities and eating habits and whether they serve you well in the long term.