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What is Project RED-S?

We are individuals whose lives have been impacted by RED-S. As athletes, parents, coaches and supporters, we identified a pressing need for a resource providing trusted, easy-to-read information and support. So, we've joined up with a team of trusted RED-S specialists to achieve our simple aims: awareness, prevention and recovery.



For decades, RED-S has been misunderstood, under-diagnosed and untreated. Researchers have questioned whether this condition needs a dramatic event or Hollywood ambassador to draw attention to its hidden dangers, akin to the concussion crisis. As people who care passionately, we're rising to the challenge.

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We're bringing exercise and clinical communities together to identify and implement best practices for prevention. By creating a community of athletes, healthcare specialists, coaches and supporters, we've made it easy to share information, ideas, and experiences so we can all play our part in improving individual and collective health in sport.



By providing a constantly-updated list of trusted RED-S specialists, we're consolidating an existing global network of resources that have previously been difficult to link together. We draw on our team of specialists to bridge the gap between athletes and access to the medical, nutritional, and psychological support required to recover. By reducing barriers to this key information, we help athletes pursue their true potential in sport.

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We need your support..

Striving to change the world is an expensive business. Every time you like, comment on, or share our social media content or website, you help bring us closer to our aims. But we need financial support too.

Your contribution will help us to grow our team and resources. It will ensure that we can raise the profile of RED-S through different avenues, enabling the development of more sport-specific resources, online content, and courses.

There is so much more we can and should be doing. You can help make it happen.

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